Why we started

Our founder
Dealcrafty was founded in 2020 as the name of a store opened by founder Linda Liu in Texas mainly for young people. But as young people increasingly prefer to shop on the Internet, That's why Linda Liu created this online shop called "Dealcrafty".

Who we are

DealCrafty is a shopping site for stylish women in Europe and America. Focused on women's apparel. Inspired by the most dynamic, fun, and fearless shoppers around the world. Since our inception, we've built an incredible community of shoppers who move forward with confidence, comfort and satisfaction.

Our main sales area is Europe and the United States, and a small part is sold to Asia and Africa.

From the moment you put on our clothes, we know that dressing is your way of showing your beauty to the world. Designed to provide you with style, color and style to show your beauty. We want our products to give you Bring contentment and happiness.

How we developed

In 2021, in order to meet the needs of more and more customers, we will cooperate with a number of high-quality suppliers to launch more and more clothing for daily use, enriching the diversity of products and adding new choices to daily life. From basic striped short-sleeve tee, to functional shorts, the rich product category provides more choices for everyday matching.

In 2022, in order to improve customers' shopping experience, we will re-screen logistics service providers so that the goods can be delivered to you faster.

Where we are going

Our mission
Combining trend elements with high-quality materials, it is designed to provide you with beautiful and comfortable clothes.

Our vision

Provide a variety of choices for you who pursue quality of life and beauty.

Our guiding principle
Customer first
Customer service has always been our top priority. Your feedback is of the utmost importance. Only your opinion can help us achieve our goals.

Our goal
Helping you find clothing that combines comfort with style.
When you enter our site, you are greeted with a wide variety of apparel. From comfortable intimates to casual style dresses. We are committed to providing a pleasurable shopping experience.

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